Job offers in Rome

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All the text messages and emails in Rome

Here is all the 78 text messages and emails with my answers included that I received during 28.11-8.12.2012 .

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Job seeking is over, arrivederci Rome!

My job search is over in Rome. During 12 days I have got altogether 32 job offers, one date offer, 4 calls that I haven’t been able to take and 3 calls, where nobody spoke anything and one answer machine message. These 32 job offers included 13 phone calls, 11 emails and text messages from 8 people. I was offered one seller job for cosmetics, one massaging/waxing job, 2 Chinese terapist jobs, 2 modeling jobs (one for agency, one for nude modelling), 2 waitressing jobs, 3 secretary jobs, 1 dogsitter job, 1 escort job, 1 private party hostess job, 1 leaflet distributor job, 1 personal assistant for nights, 1 tourist leisure center job, 1 ‘special job’ offer and 14 housekeeper jobs.

What was interesting in Rome that it seemed to be really normal to call me and ask to come right away to do little bit of work. Of course most of the offers were only few hours a day, mayby twice a week cash in hand jobs. Because of the normality of the phone calls, I first felt that callers were honest and it wold be even nice to try out some of these jobs. What was little bit strange that most of them assumed that I would go right away to meet them or even to do the jobs. I met one Italian man who basically read through my offers and said to me that pretty much all of them are not good and you can read under the lines that they are escort offers. He also said that the normal cash in hand jobs are not that easy to get eather and the wage is low but because in Italy the tax rate is so high people like also work in the grey area. I only put one newspaper ad to the La Repubblica and 3 internet ads. It worked so well that I didn’t need to put more up anywhere. Of course most of the offers came on the first 3 days but I still got about 2 offers a day.

To sum up, Rome had much more visible black market than in Belfast had. People were looking for a work in the streets in their little ads where you could rib of the number. There were lot of immigrants, who had manage to create a work for them self through helping the tourists and expecting tips after the help. For Finnish girl it seemd to have the same result than in Belfast. Mainly I got sexist offers and housekeeping jobs, but this time I also got more of those jobs that I was actually looking for in my ad like a clener, waitress, sales person and so on. Luckily having no Italian is not a problem eather. Most of the callers were able to change the language for me quite fast. Few phone calls I couldn’t understand at all, but they still kept telling me in Italian what they are looking for. I just hope I would have known what they are saying. Best job and nicest call I think was the Latina B&B job offer. The man sounded genuine, but of course you never know until you have gone to the interview. I actually would have wanted to go for the interview but then I might have just end up using his time for nothing since it was a bit far and the live in in a B&B didn’t sound that good. The best rate for a cleaner was 25e for 2 hours work twice a week. I will put up soon all the text messages and job offers on to the page so eveyone can read them.

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Two new e-mails!

I have got two new e-mails, where peple offered me a job. First one was to work in a real estate agency what is run by architects. The criterias was that I need to be motivated, serious and good looking (bella presenza) and send them my cv.

Salve, siamo una agenzia immobiliare gestita da architetti e quindi tra
i vari servizi offriamo anche quelli inerenti la progettazione e la
ristrutturazione. Ci troviamo nel quartiere Trieste non lontano dalla
fermata V.le Libia metro B/1, stiamo selezionando ragazze spigliate,
fortemente motivate, serie e di bella presenza. Se interessata, ci
inoltri il c.v. per poi fissare un appuntamento. Grazie

And the other one was working in Malta in a pizzeria! This sounds pretty good, unfortunately pretty far a way.

ciao ho una trattoria pizzeria a malta se ti interessa un esperienza
lavorativa in questa bella isola mi contatti grazie!!!

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Housekeepers are really needed in Rome

I still get everyday around two phone calls where people are looking for a housekeeper (colf) into their houses. From previous experience this might also mean something else than just a cleaner. I heard in Limerick that it is also a code word for prostitute. Although of course this is not the case always but it makes me wonder how much could I trust these callers. Most recent contact was from this man called Flavio. He text me just an hour ago on Saturday evening asking to come to clean his house tomorrow for 3-4 hours. He would have wanted to meet tomorrow morning. In Rome people also expect you to come to the interview right away. I had this man calling me on Friday about a cleaning job. He insisted that I would come to meet him right away in Battistini metro station. He didn’t understand that I can’t make it. Many other callers have also wanted me to come to a several metro stations to meet them giving me an hour notice.

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Lot of text messages!

I got yesterday a text message that was written in Finnish! It said: “Hei etsin kotiin halusin tietaa, jos olet Roomassa tai koira ja puutarha”. This message didn’t make any since so I aswered him that yes I am in Rome and who are you (in Finnish). After this message he changed it to Italian. So I realized he had used a google translator, which was pretty nice thing to do! He asked then do I know any Italian and how old I am. He also said I can write in Italian or in Finnish. Next text was where I lived ad where have I worked. All these messages came non stop. He also said he can meet me at 8pm today. I was a bit confused, he send messages in Finnish and in Italian and the Finnish messages where so wrong written, it was so difficult to understand what he was up to. I asked then in English what is the job even. Then I got an aswer that it would be a dogsitter, clean a house and live in. He said that don’t pay rent for anyone, work for me so I can live for free with him.

This was all in 17 text messages during one hour. I wasn’t even able to answered all his questions since I was in the street walking and didn’t undestand half of them. But I just text him that I dont need a place, so I dont need the job. He send me still back that think about it.

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Guide books are around Rome!

I left behind yesterday some guide books in places, where people need some reading to pass the time. I will continue leaving them around the city in the train station, metros, waiting halls etc. This is a way of telling people about my project and letting them know about the black market. Hopefully people will become interested of the book and manage to find this blog too to read more about the subject.

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Bella Presenza

People were also telling me, how they have got same kind of messages and exploitation, when they put an ad on to these Situations Wanted sections. One woman had a little bit more normal reaction by saying that it’s quite normal, you just go to a next offer and let it be. Here in Italy I have also been told that it is not just in black market jobs but everywhere. That’s why most of people get jobs from people they know or from a friend of a friend of a friend. So that they can trust it. I got one message from a lawyer, who was looking for a secretary. His e-mail to me said that you must be beautiful. For me it was so straight forward to say that right away.

28-Nov-2012. 15.44.
Ciao, sono un legale di roma, in zona Prati. Ti interessa una
collaborazione part-time con buona retribuzione? il lavoro richiede
conoscenza del pc e bella presenza . In caso positivo, invia un breve cv
. Grazie send cv.

Then I got another e-mail from a woman, who was looking for a private party hostess that is totaly available for customers during the night. She also wrote bella presenza as a requirement.

29-Nov-2012, 12.58
Buongiorno Maria, cerchiamo hostess per un party privato in ambiente
elegante e molto riservato. Sono richieste bella presenza e totale
disponibilità durante la serata, dietro molto elevata remunerazione.
Se sei interessata e per maggiori informazioni rispondi alla presente.

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The worst offer

THE Therapy
Hello, i am a woman Who loves oriental therapies, i would like to play with my son THE Urine therapy. You have to make THE boy a drink Your pee. THE therapy is widely ISed in china. I pay 20 euro for 15 min of therapy, it’s ok for you?

My Answer
Is this a joke?

THE Therapy
Not joke THE Therapy cinese! If you want tell me

I was really discusted by this text message that I got on Friday evening. It is the worst job offer I have got. The fact that woman wanted this for his son is so strange I had to ask the woman is she joking. I couldn’t continue texting with her more so I left her without aswer after she said she is not joking.

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Labour jobs

I have also got normal offers for jobs. One was for tourist centre in Avezzano. They were writing me about a job that would be doing in the holiday resort different kind of tasks from restaurant to cleaning.
Here is the mail:
Sono in cerca di personale per un centro turistico in Avezzano
(L’Aquila a 80 km da Roma). Le posizioni sono varie e riguardano
equitazione, ristorante con 80 coperti,e agriturismo costituito da 10
bungalows.Lo stipendio è di sicuro interesse in quanto superiore alla
media e se interessata per favore invia un curriculum come primo
contatto e se verrà ritenuto idoneo seguirà altro contatto. Importante è
la disponibilità a trasferirsi.

Other offer was a job of spreading leaflets around the city.
“Sono il titolare di una agenzia di pubblicità ed eventi.Cerco una
promoter per effettuare del volantinaggio in alcune zone di Roma.Un
cordiale saluto.”

The third offers was waitressing in a restaurant. The man has called me almost everyday. I think he would really need staff. He called me after he send me a message saying: Maria you going in my restaurant vid Lidia this evening? I had said to him that I have got a better offer so I am not gonna go to his restaurant but clearly he didn’t understand it. Well, I talked with him on a phone and then he understood that I am not coming.

All these jobs sounded good and normal. I just don’t know how much the wage would be but I am reckon it would be the bare minimal.

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